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Swedish lifestyle brand ZWM launches on the #1 platform for sustainable fashion, Cerqular

Sustainable fashionSustainable fashion

Swedish brand ZERO WASTE MOVEMENT (ZWM) is taking the lead within sustainable tech accessories without compromising on design, function and style. They have now partnered with Cerqular, a leading market place that is growing rapidly within sustainable fashion & lifestyle.


The demand for sustainability is gaining momentum within consumer electronics and the mobile industry. Carriers offer refurbished phones and promote it as a sustainable offering, and the revised assortment many times also include accessories made from sustainable materials. This is also becoming a focus for young consumers including Generation Z.


“Generation z and millennials are coming out in support of sustainable fashion brands and are willing to pay a price to stay greener.”*


*Source: https://www.fibre2fashion.com/industry-article/9028/the-future-of-sustainable-fashion-gen-z-and-millennials


The ZWM range of phone cases, AirPod cases and MacBook sleeves are made in a sustainable way and with biodegradable materials, and there is also a partnership in place with an organization to plant a tree for each item sold compensating for CO2 foot print.


“We are delighted to begin our partnership with Cerqular and we see this a great example of how we as ZERO WASTE MOVEMENT can join forces with other organizations, brands and people who share the same  vision of a greener future.” Parlan Fritz, CEO ZWM


About ZWM

Swedish ZERO WASTE MOVEMENT (ZWM)  is brand for tech accessories made from biodegradable materials with a strong sustainable profile. They compensate for CO2 by planting a tree for each product sold, and they work with carefully selected partners that are approved for ethical and sustainable business (SEDEX, BSCI).


About Cerqular

Cerqular is the leading sustainable marketplace platform, offering a highly curated selection of unique and verified earth-ethical goods for the entire family and home. On a mission to transform how future generations shop, Cerqular has created a global ecosystem destination for convenience-conscious consumers. Partnering with exceptional brands and innovative products that are thoroughly vetted against strict sourcing, manufacturing, and efficacy.


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Studio & Showroom: Ostermalmsgatan 80, Stockholm, Sweden 

Generation Z and sustainable fashion - article
Gen Z and sustainable fashion

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We join the millions of people and organizations all over the world that unite in an ambition to work towards a sustainable future. Despite cultural, geographical, and social differences, we all share a common overall vision for a sustainable future. ZWM creates lifestyle accessories for everyone with a desire to contribute to the protection of our environment. For us, as a company and brand, sustainability and acting responsibly is a given, why wouldn’t it be? Our commitment to acting responsibly is part of our DNA and we hope to inspire others to spread this passion. Our tagline, tomorrow is our legacy, gives us guidance in all the choices we make, a legacy of sustainable and responsible business, that will echo into future generations.


Pärlan Fritz
Pärlan Fritz