2021-11-03 11:07News

Generation Z, in them we trust


We have compiled some data about Generation Z that we found incredibly revealing, and may be of interest to you also. 
It can only be a good thing when the younger generation view sustainability and ethical values as important aspects of fashion and consumption in general. 

“…..90 percent of Gen Z consumers surveyed said they have made changes to be more sustainable in their daily lives and more sustainable fashion practices play a central role.”

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We join the millions of people and organizations all over the world that unite in an ambition to work towards a sustainable future. Despite cultural, geographical, and social differences, we all share a common overall vision for a sustainable future. ZWM creates lifestyle accessories for everyone with a desire to contribute to the protection of our environment. For us, as a company and brand, sustainability and acting responsibly is a given, why wouldn’t it be? Our commitment to acting responsibly is part of our DNA and we hope to inspire others to spread this passion. Our tagline, tomorrow is our legacy, gives us guidance in all the choices we make, a legacy of sustainable and responsible business, that will echo into future generations.